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What in your life could be a reality show?

I’ve noticed a trend of late in the publishing world – chronicling life around us. Of course, I’ve always called this a form of life writing, not exactly memoir but more a biography of sorts, a collection of biographies. People … Continue reading

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30 Random Prompts for Writing

I like to come up with prompts  that I can use for inspiration when journaling or considering a story or poem. You can use these prompts one day at a time or print them out, cut them out, and place … Continue reading

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What to Blog About Today? The ABCs of Blog Ideas

You’ve created your blog and started making daily or weekly entries. You’ve been doing great for a month. But now perhaps you feel yourself running out of steam. Or maybe you’ve had other things on your mind and just can’t … Continue reading

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Journal Topic Ideas

I’ve decided to use some composition notebooks to make different journals. I am so scattered and need to get more organized. I plan to use these topics as tabs in my books.   Some of you may be asking, “But … Continue reading

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Marketing Tips for Writers

In today’s publishing world, if you are going to write a book (and publish it), you need to become marketing savvy.  Need some tips on marketing your book? Find some excellent advice from my good friend, Dwayne Adams, RN, MS, CEO … Continue reading

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Making Poems by Using Journal Fragments

Here is another interesting way to create poetry from your journals or memoirs. These poems are an interesting way to get at the ‘meat’ of your journal writing and the resulting poems can be very powerful. If you enjoy abstract … Continue reading

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Journaling Topics: Where Do I Start?

Where do I start? Surely it can’t be that hard to sit down and journal each day. Can it? I hear so  many people say, “Well, I told myself I would journal today, but I didn’t know what to say.” Get … Continue reading

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