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Video Journaling – Vournaling?

If vlogging is video blogging, is vournaling video journaling? Can you come up with a better term? Please share your thoughts!  

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Video Journaling

Serious question! What do you call a video journal? A vournal? A viary? A V-Journal? What do you think?

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Better Book Sales with Blogging

The marketing gurus tell us that your website is your ‘home base’. Your blog on the other hand, is a vehicle for driving potential clients TO your home base (where your books are for sale). What to blog about? Your … Continue reading

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What to Blog About Today? The ABCs of Blog Ideas

You’ve created your blog and started making daily or weekly entries. You’ve been doing great for a month. But now perhaps you feel yourself running out of steam. Or maybe you’ve had other things on your mind and just can’t … Continue reading

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