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Writing and Art Prompts for March 31st

Writing Prompt: Open a story using this scene. Journal Prompt: Do you believe in angels? Journal about your spiritual beliefs. Memoir Prompt: What is your earliest memory? Often we aren’t sure if what we think is our earliest memory or simply something we have … Continue reading

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Art Prompt : Finding Inspiration

Art Prompt of the Day Pick a country that has always fascinated you and look up some of the artists and art from that region. Find something that strikes you and use it as inspiration to create a piece of … Continue reading

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The Sketchbook Project

I recently heard about this project based out of Brooklyn, N.Y. It is a traveling art show (basically). You order a sketchbook from them and fill it up however you wish – with sketches, photography, mixed media, etc. Then you … Continue reading

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Middle School Dot Painting

I am teaching art to middle school students this year at New Horizon Academy. Our first project was learning about Aboriginal Dot Painting and the students really enjoyed seeing the video’s of the Australian artists and their art. Here are … Continue reading

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How to Make Zentangles

October 8, 2012 – Was recently told that I’m spelling the word wrong…I have seen it spelled both ways, but apparently the accepted spelling is ZENTANGLE. Playing with Zentangles….I will use these in my Art classes! These are my first … Continue reading

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