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Walt Whitman says about his autobiography, Specimen Days “…At any rate I obey my happy hour’s command, which seems curiously imperative. May-be, if don’t do anything else, I shall send out the most wayward, spontaneous, fragmentary book ever printed.” This is what I feel at this juncture of my life, the need to gather together memories of my ancestors as well as my own memories into some semblance of order. Because all of those fragments, all of the fragments that make up any life, become stories. I am the mother of three sons, who affectionately (I hope!) call me 'gypsy mom' because I tend to wander around a bit soaking in the universe's wonders. I am currently working towards an MFA in Creative Writing at Florida Atlantic University. I have published essays with Heritage Press, Florida Living, and the St. Pauls Review. I am currently working on a book of poems about the Florida Everglades pioneers and a memoir about grief and the bonds of friendship. I live in my hometown, Jupiter, Florida and work as a freelance writer and curriculum specialist.

Merry Christmas: Finding Peace

I am going to church this morning. And again tonight. And again tomorrow morning. A friend says, “You only have to go once, you know?” I ponder this for a moment and am surprised to realize that I don’t go … Continue reading

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The Holiday Spirit Made Me Do It

The other day someone at work did something nice for me. If she hadn’t done it, I would have had to do all kinds of running around. What bothered (bothers) me though is that she said, “I shouldn’t do this … Continue reading

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Putting Back Together the Broken World

by Karen Y. Hamilton   Putting Back Together the Broken World with Words Half of what I say is meaningless but I say it as a way to reach you (A Beatles Song) How often have you read a story … Continue reading

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Morning Pages – Forever Searching for Images

~~A sideways trip…warning you now. Buckle up. Utter and complete nonsense.~~ Going for the words this morning. Candlelight wind blowing – light comes in and back out. Can’t see where the words even go most moments. Nonsense. We write nonsense. … Continue reading

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Tobias Wolff on writing

Writing is “very hard work and it absolutely requires all the conditions that make one a bore: You have to be alone a lot, you have to be rather sedentary, you have to be a creature of routine, you have … Continue reading

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Poetry is Not a Luxury

“As we learn to bear the intimacy of scrutiny, and to flourish within it, as we learn to use the products of that scrutiny for power within our living, those fear which rule our lives and form our silences begin … Continue reading

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Morning Pages: Rising from the Pit

by Karen Y. Hamilton, October 23, 2017     And this we must learn. That no matter how far into the pit you fall, you will rise from the ashes. I’ve been down there so many times that it’s become … Continue reading

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What are the words you do not yet have?

Audre Lorde (from a speech delivered in Chicago, Illinois, December 28, 1977 The 3 page speech is at this link. Very powerful!

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Playing our own little Game of Thrones

by Karen Y. Hamilton, October 11, 2017 “Larvatus prodeo, I come forward, masked.” René Descartes I’m not making a lot of friends lately. Might even be losing a few. Ah well, what’re ya gonna do? My research for the last … Continue reading

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Morning Pages: “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.”

By Karen Y. Hamilton, October 8, 2017 The moon is up there in a mostly cloudless sky and I can’t resist the pull to put pen to paper. Yesterday was interesting. I am still surprised (dare I say saddened) at … Continue reading

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