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Quite a few virtual (work from anywhere) jobs over at Shmoop!


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Grade 6 – 12 Assessments Writer: Language Arts

Job Description

Shmoop ( is a digital curriculum company that makes learning, teaching, and test prep materials that are—dare we say it—awesome, thrilling, spectacular, magnificent, unforgettable, and…smart. Really smart.

To help carry out Shmoop’s (mostly benign) plans for world domination, we’re looking for a talented and experienced middle school or high school teacher, familiar with 6­12 curriculum and the Common Core, who can help us write language arts assessment questions.


  • Strong writing and editing skills, with impeccable grammar
  • Experience teaching in the 6 – 12 classroom
  • Familiarity with the Common Core
  • Self­starting, flexible, and comfortable working independently
  • Passion for, and understanding of, great works of literature (classic and contemporary; fiction and non­fiction), as well as communicating that passion to others

Bonus Points:

and social/cultural interests


  • Strong knowledge of middle school and high school, both academic needs
  • Strong familiarity with Microsoft Office
  • Work from home (or wherever else you choose)
  • Flexible, project­based work

Our offices are located in Mountain View, California, but you’ll work from wherever you want (whenever you want, and also wearing whatever you want). The position is part­time, and you’ll be paid per completed project.

Send us your wittiest cover letter and resume; we’ll be waiting with bated breath. If we think you’re a good fit, we will request a topic­specific writing sample.

About Karen Y. Hamilton

Karen leads workshops in Creative Writing, Poetry and Journal Therapy, and Memoir Writing. She has studied genealogy and personal histories since 1987, lecturing and leading workshops on Memoir Writing and Journaling to the community since 1998. Karen holds a BA in English and has studied Literature, Business, and Education at the graduate level. She is a former college instructor of English Composition and Reading. In the past, Karen has worked as a high school & middle school teacher. She currently works as a Curriculum Specialist and is an MFA Creative Writing student at Florida Atlantic University.
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