Double Your Digital Book Sales: 10 Places to Sell Your Books

Double Your Book Sales with Digital

Most authors know about offering their digital books on Amazon. But what are some other venues for selling your digital books? Here are 10 other places to sell your digital book.

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Blurb: Blurb is good for print photo books of your vacation or for books that are heavy in photos. Digital books cost you $9.99. You can then sell them on Blurb in your own storefront. Blurb gives you a widget to embed wherever you wish to direct customers to your storefront where they can preview and/or purchase your book.





Book Tango: 100% royalty and markets to major retailers. Watch the introduction video



koboKobo Writing Life: Only pays twice per year, so you don’t see the profits as often as other venues. Easy to navigate. Your royalty is 70-80%.





lulu 2Lulu: Books published on Lulu are sold all over the world, through most major bookseller venues. Lulu keeps 10% of the profit, but the wide range of exposure is worth it.



myebookMy Ebook: You receive 100% for a short time, then you pay 10% commission to Myebook. Payments are made through PayPal.





ejunkieEjunkie: Sell your books in PDF format. This is useful for many  businesses and teachers who want to sell a PDF that can be projected on a large screen for a wide audience. Hosting fee of $5 per month with no transaction fees. Upload as many PDFs as you want for just $5 per month.




nook pressNook Press (formerly called PubIt!) This is through Barnes and Noble and reaches a huge portion of readers, especially those who have a Nook. Royalties are 40-60%.






payhip 2Payhip: Get paid every single time a reader buys your digital book. Payhip takes 5% per transaction. Your profit goes straight to your PayPal account.





payloadzPayloadz: Load as many digital books as you want for $14.95 per month. You take away 95% per sale. Pays to PayPal or other bank account.




smashwords2Smashwords: If your digital book sells on Smashwords site, you keep 80% of the profit. When it sells through one of the major booksellers, your profit is 60%.




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About Karen Y. Hamilton

Karen leads workshops in Creative Writing, Poetry and Journal Therapy, and Memoir Writing. She has studied genealogy and personal histories since 1987, lecturing and leading workshops on Memoir Writing and Journaling to the community since 1998. Karen holds a BA in English and has studied Literature, Business, and Education at the graduate level. She is a former college instructor of English Composition and Reading. In the past, Karen has worked as a high school & middle school teacher. She currently works as a Curriculum Specialist and is an MFA Creative Writing student at Florida Atlantic University.
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One Response to Double Your Digital Book Sales: 10 Places to Sell Your Books

  1. geoff696 says:

    Hi Karen, another one to checkout and possibly add to this excellent list is (disclosure I work for them). We make it very easy for writers to sell their ebooks from their own website and social networks. Lots of features, including customers can buy without leaving your site, and download into Kindle or Dropbox. You can see how simple it is in this video

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