10 Ways to Find Freelance Writing Jobs in Your Community

1-14-2014 8-28-27 AMDesign logos for your business. You can turn them into car magnets, cell phone covers, t-shirts, coffee mugs, canvas bags, and other promotional materials at Vistaprint. Office supply stores do it as well but have a minimum you must purchase. You can also check local print shops.

Make your own promotional materials. I make cards, bookmarks, and business cards on my own sometimes. If money is limited, this is an affordable way to make promotional materials. All you need is a computer, printer, and cardstock.

Participate in the community. Attend community events (wearing your t-shirt with your logo!) often. Get to know the people at the local library and musuems. Depending on the type of freelance writing that you do, frequent events that cater to your target population. You can also organize your own event – a writing contest with a portion of proceeds going to a local charity is one idea. Find the local authors in your community and interview them for your blog and local paper. Know what your niche is and come up with types of events that you could offer.

Local PaperDepending on where you live, your local paper can be a great resource for finding jobs. Check current ads throughout the paper to see if any of those businesses might be good resources. You can find a list of local papers here. http://www.usnpl.com/

CraigslistA good source depending on where you live. I have found many jobs through Craigslist. Just be sure to always be careful about giving personal information to potential clients. Always meet in a public place like a coffee shop.

Morning Coffee Newsletter. A very good source for all sorts of writing jobs across the world.

Facebook for FreelancersA good social media site connected with the Morning Coffee Newsletter. Get up to date notice of writing jobs and tips for freelancers.

Media Bistro. Good source of jobs and searchable by state.

Journalism Jobs. Great source and searchable by state.

Blogger Jobs. This site has writing jobs and tips for freelance writers.

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About Karen Y. Hamilton

Karen leads workshops in Creative Writing, Poetry and Journal Therapy, and Memoir Writing. She has studied genealogy and personal histories since 1987, lecturing and leading workshops on Memoir Writing and Journaling to the community since 1998. Karen holds a BA in English and has studied Literature, Business, and Education at the graduate level. She is a former college instructor of English Composition and Reading. In the past, Karen has worked as a high school & middle school teacher. She currently works as a Curriculum Specialist and is an MFA Creative Writing student at Florida Atlantic University.
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  1. These are some great ideas. Thanks.

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