The Virtual Classroom: Tools for Teaching Online


A few years ago, I designed my first course for online delivery. Since then, I had the immense pleasure of being asked to design online course in Reading and Writing for a community college in Florida and also for several online tutoring companies. I’ve gathered a few tools and resources along the way that pertain to teaching in the classroom and in developing courses for online delivery. Here are some links to aid you in course development and lesson planning.

As always, please let me know if you have a source you’d like to share!

Wondershare: Free PowerPoint Templates for business, education, conferencing, and holidays

SAS Curriculum Pathways: Provided at no cost to educators, SAS Curriculum Pathways offers online content and resources for grades 6 and above.

eLearning Brothers eLearning Templates: Not all templates are free but they do have a free section.

Prezi: A cloud-based presentation software and storytelling tool for exploring and sharing ideas on a virtual canvas. Has anyone used this?


Virtual Learning Classrooms

Moodle: Open Source Course Management System (CMS), also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It has become very popular among educators around the world as a tool for creating online dynamic web sites for their students. To work, it needs to be installed on a web server somewhere, either on one of your own computers or one at a web hosting company.

eLearning Zoom: This site does not offer free services, but their prices are reasonable if you are looking to create a virtual school or online learning community. The link I’ve provided will take you straight to the pricing page (I hate wading around looking for the price, don’t you?)

About Karen Y. Hamilton

Karen leads workshops in Creative Writing, Poetry and Journal Therapy, and Memoir Writing. She has studied genealogy and personal histories since 1987, lecturing and leading workshops on Memoir Writing and Journaling to the community since 1998. Karen holds a BA in English and has studied Literature, Business, and Education at the graduate level. She is a former college instructor of English Composition and Reading. In the past, Karen has worked as a high school & middle school teacher. She currently works as a Curriculum Specialist and is an MFA Creative Writing student at Florida Atlantic University.
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One Response to The Virtual Classroom: Tools for Teaching Online

  1. Judy says:

    Thanks for sharing! is a WONDERFUL website. There are plenty of free resources, but you earn extra privileges such as being able to download editable versions of slide shows etc. if you pay a membership fee.

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