How Do I Get a Job without a Portfolio?

QUESTION: How do get around the Catch 22 that you need jobs to have items for your portfolio, but you can’t win jobs without a portfolio?

I suggest you go to and look at some of the articles there. Go to my page because a lot of the writing there is not done to ehow’s specifications and all my work goes through an editor before being published so you can be sure this is how they want to see their articles.

Anyway, look over how they are done and then write a few yourself.

Sign up for ehow while you are at it…the more you post there, the more revenue you get – it is peanuts but I make about $80 per month off those articles.

So, write a few articles and use those in your portfolio at Elance.

Look up some ebooks online or I can send you a couple and see if that is something you might like to work on.

I landed my first ebook job on elance with NOTHING in my portfolio and no experience in making ebooks. When you bid on something you are interested in, look to see what the high and low bid is and then bid the lowest. If you get hired and you do well, you won’t have to bid that low ever again.

Whether or not you are getting paid , create some work – articles, ebooks, blog entries, whatever your niche is – and put it in your portfolio.

Potential clients are more interested in seeing what you can do than what jobs you have already been awarded.

Published by: Karen Y. Hamilton

Walt Whitman says about his autobiography, Specimen Days “…At any rate I obey my happy hour’s command, which seems curiously imperative. May-be, if don’t do anything else, I shall send out the most wayward, spontaneous, fragmentary book ever printed.” This is what I feel at this juncture of my life, the need to gather together memories of my ancestors as well as my own memories into some semblance of order. Because all of those fragments, all of the fragments that make up any life, become stories. I am the mother of three sons, who affectionately (I hope!) call me 'gypsy mom' because I tend to wander around a bit soaking in the universe's wonders. I am currently working towards an MFA in Creative Writing at Florida Atlantic University. I have published essays with Heritage Press, Florida Living, and the St. Pauls Review. I am currently working on a book of poems about the Florida Everglades pioneers and a memoir about grief and the bonds of friendship. I live in my hometown, Jupiter, Florida and work as a freelance writer and curriculum specialist.

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