More Freelance Writing Sites

Need to make some extra cash? Want to become a full-time freelance writer or designer? These sites are just a few of the many freelance job opportunities on the Internet. You can make money freelancing by earning what is called ‘share of revenue’, or you can bid on jobs posted by companies and individuals. I do both and pretty much am able to support myself over the summer when I’m not teaching. You can make good money with these jobs, but don’t fool yourself into thinking that working at home is easy; it is hard work. You not only have to find the job and do the job, you also have to do your bookkeeping and marketing.

Get paid for writing how-to articles and other articles at DEMAND STUDIOS. DS is the parent site of Ehow, and most of all you publish through them will end up on Ehow. You have to apply – you can apply as a writer, a filmmaker, a title proofer, a translator, or a copyeditor. Again, DS pays once a week like clockwork. Good steady income and if you write enough – you can support yourself with DS. It sometimes takes a while for them to hire you after you apply; don’t give up. It took my husband over a year to get hired, but he kept reapplying. UPDATE: 04/15/2012 DS IS NO LONGER MUCH OF A SOURCE…EVERY TIME I GO TO MY WORKSITE, THERE ARE NO JOBS AVAILABLE.


Sign up for a free account at EHOW. This is another revenue share site that requires you to write how-to articles. Write as much as you want, on any subject you want. I started out here two years ago and still enjoy a nice little revenue share check each month. They pay once a month like clockwork through your paypal account. You won’t get rich, but you’ll get plenty of experience, writing clips, and a little extra cash. This site is for writers and filmmakers. UPDATE 04/15/2012 NO LONGER ACCEPTING WRITERS.


Stay away from TRIOND. This is a revenue share site (you get paid for your articles determined by the number of people who visit the site), and Triond pays in peanuts. Seriously, it is just NOT worth your time to post your work there.

Write for BUKISA. Same as Ehow – revenue share. The pay is decent, maybe even better than Ehow, and they pay monthly.

Apply to SUITE 101. I started writing for them in 1998 and made a little bit of money. You have to go through an application process. Once accepted, you have to commit to writing at least 3 articles per month. They pay through revenue share, and the pay is decent.

Published by: Karen Y. Hamilton

Walt Whitman says about his autobiography, Specimen Days “…At any rate I obey my happy hour’s command, which seems curiously imperative. May-be, if don’t do anything else, I shall send out the most wayward, spontaneous, fragmentary book ever printed.” This is what I feel at this juncture of my life, the need to gather together memories of my ancestors as well as my own memories into some semblance of order. Because all of those fragments, all of the fragments that make up any life, become stories. I am the mother of three sons, who affectionately (I hope!) call me 'gypsy mom' because I tend to wander around a bit soaking in the universe's wonders. I am currently working towards an MFA in Creative Writing at Florida Atlantic University. I have published essays with Heritage Press, Florida Living, and the St. Pauls Review. I am currently working on a book of poems about the Florida Everglades pioneers and a memoir about grief and the bonds of friendship. I live in my hometown, Jupiter, Florida and work as a freelance writer and curriculum specialist.

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