Dating After 50

ee8fca054dec21bdee2e2bac7e816e51 I’ve only been looking into this whole dating after 50 thing for about two months. Apparently, the rules have changed. To me though, the rules are the same. I’m still looking for men my age, so for them, the rules are pretty much the same.

This is not good news.

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Goodbye Brooklyn Hobo

I said goodbye to a beautiful, gentle man, Alexander Procho, author of Tales of the Brooklyn Hobo.

alex procho

I am very sad to report that on September 22, 2016 at 1:47 p.m. Alex passed away to his Holy Mountain. I will miss you forever, old man. Boo.

Proceeds from the sale of his memoir are donated to Treasure Coast Hospice in Martin County, Florida and to individuals who are recovering from alcoholism and addiction.

Please remember – hate the disease, never the person.

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Whitman Writing Quotes




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Before the Fall (Book Review)

Before the Fall by Noah Hawley
This is not normally my favorite genre, but I was intrigued by the description. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself unable to put the story down. The premise – struggling artist meets wife of multi billionaire is invited to hop a flight to the main26245850land with the rich folks. The plane crashes, leaving the artist and a 4-year old boy as the only survivors. Why did the plane crash? Was it murder? Accident? The artist can’t remember the details and the boy isn’t talking.

While an interesting mystery, the novel also explores relationships, the flip side of fame, and the tenuous hold we all have on this life.

The main character (an artist) tends to be a bit too introspective (verbally), so at times I felt his actually voicing his thoughts aloud was not exactly believable. But then again, I’ve never met an artist, so perhaps there are really people who act this way. Regardless, he makes some excellent points.

The narrative itself tended to cliche occasionally (the deadbeat husband, for instance), but overall, I didn’t really pay much attention to those because I was caught up in the mystery. The resolution took me by surprise (which is hard to do!).

Overall, I recommend this novel for a quick, entertaining read.

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Writing Poetry – Accessible or Organic?

April 29, 2016


In the MFA program at University of N.C. Wilmington, I was told to make my poetry accessible and understandable. It has occurred to me that this is strange advice actually. Are the Imagists accessible and understandable? Personally, I feel that if it is easily accessible then why not just write prose?

I read back through many of my poems and find them very raw, very organic; many come straight to the page from my sub-conscious. They are written in order to make sense of an insensible world. Every word set down is stripped down to its essence, describing an emotion I had no words for. I pour the images that I receive from my subconscious to the page.

Instead of trying to explain to you or even to describe to myself the feeling(s), these poems say it all. If they confuse you, make you uncomfortable, make you feel something – that is what I was feeling at the time I wrote it.

Try to not understand the words. Let the image I paint form in your head and feel what I feel. For instance, in The Grounding Fence (which the younger generation in the MFA program tore apart), you can actually feel what I feel during a panic attack.

It is useless to attempt to make sense of the words I write; that was not my intention in writing them.

I hope you enjoy these poems; I hope you come to understand how important poetry has been to me in healing.


My collection of poems, Recuerdeme, is available in print and digital format.

The Grounding Fence

by Karen Y. Hamilton


Her mind rests upon the fringes of normality,

waiting and watchful.

The fence it rests on contains the white

and black of the universe.


Now and then it teeters totters tips

one way or another

slipping through spaces

of surreal dreams.


She is there here everywhere no where.

The fence grounds her

and she holds on while

the storm gathers.


She is resting on the fringe,

dangling leather straps,

worn and tattered.

She rests.

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Virtual Town Cheats

March 11, 2016 This is not an exhaustive list, but it is pretty close. There are about six more bugs that are not listed here (haven’t found them yet), one more mineral, and quite a few more hybrids.

virtual town stuff

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Writing Your Life Challenge Prompt #4

There is within your life a central theme – life change.


Make a list of the crucial events in your life. Start with your birth (did something extraordinary happen when you were born?) and then move on through your childhood, young adult years, middle age, etc. From those events, can you choose one that impacted your life the most?

Choose one of the events from your Lists. When you have isolated an event, look at it from all angles and write down its key points.

EVENTS IN YOUR LIFE: Here are a few to get you started: • an illness or a death in the family • the arrival of a sibling • the ethnic group you grew up in • the religious group you grew up in • a certain relationship with a peer • a failure or success at school • a decision you made to do or not do something • an external event such as a fire, flood, tornado, auto accident • marriage • children • career choices • spiritual experiences • divorce

These are but a few of the major events that turn a person’s life to one direction or the other. The list you make may be many pages long or relatively short. This depends on the individual. You may add to this list as you remember things. Include everything you can think of that had any impact on your life.

prompt 4

You may have more than one pivotal moment.

The older you are, the more dividing lines you will have!

Try using a cluster map to help you map it out. Each one of the clusters can become a paragraph in your story!

  • How old were you?
  • What was happening in the world at that time?
  • What was the value or moral code that existed at that time and how did it affect the event?
  • How did all of these factors come together to create your epiphany?

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Writing Your Life Challenge Prompt #3

As with Favorites, Firsts lead you into deeper territory. The first anything is usually a memorable experience and quite often marks a change in our lives.

Try to write at least a paragraph for each suggested topic.

Remember, these paragraphs can be fitted into your larger memoir.  Remember! Use your five senses!


first sample

Challenge: Make a list of your Firsts. Choose one of them to write at least a paragraph about.


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Writing Your Life Challenge Prompt #2

Favorite-Things1January 8, 2016 Favorites

Writing about a favorite thing, person, or place gives you short vignettes that you can add to your larger memoir. Perhaps the paragraph about your favorite house will fit in with your overall theme of moving and loss.

Practice writing about each favorite – even if it seems silly – the act of remembering and writing will keep your creative energy flowing. Try to write at least a full paragraph about each thing. Remember! Use your five senses!

Here are just a few favorites – I’m sure you can think of some of your own!

sample favorites


This short paragraph was from a memory of my former mother-in-law’s favorite pastime with her father when she was growing up on Coney Island.  It is written in the third person.

sample favorites paragraph

Prompt #2: Make a list of your favorite things. Choose one of them to write at least a paragraph about.

these are a few of my favorite things

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Writing Your Life Week of January 1st

January 1, 2016 Prompt

Prepare a timeline of events that span your birth to age 18.

The important thing to keep in mind is that you will never get your memoir written unless you start! Start anywhere but START!

I find it easiest when teaching writing classes to begin with lists, progress to sentences then paragraphs, and finally put it all together.  I suggest that you do the same.

Make list after list after list – this way you will never have a reason to cry Writer’s Block because your list of writing ideas is right on hand.

The most important list is the TIMELINE. This timeline will serve as your anchor as you write your stories. You can return to it over and over again to spark your memory or find details to add to your stories.

sample timeline

What do you add to your timeline? Choose a year and think about all that happened in that year: you were born, a sibling was born, someone was hospitalized, a world event happened, you lost someone or found someone, you started a new job, a new school, etc. Do a search on the Internet to find out what was happening in that year and add it to your timeline.

We will start with your childhood years – birth to 18 years. Spend this week filling in as much as you can of this timeline. When you are finished filling in the timeline, circle the very important events (those that had a hand in shaping who you are today). These are events you can come back to and perhaps turn into full memoirs. If you are very industrious, go ahead and write a few paragraphs about one or more of the events in your timeline.

  • All of these prompts are meant to keep you writing. Try not to think about grammar, etc. as you write. Right now we are trying to just get the memories on paper (or computer).
  • Save everything you write on your computer and/or in a folder. (I highly suggest printing and saving your work in hard copy just in case your computer crashes!)
  • Next year, we can work on putting everything together! For now, just get those memories out of you!


On This Day

The People History  Find the fashion, politics, news, population stats, etc. for a particular year or decade here.

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